About Us

A little introduction about our company

Sports goods manufacturer since 1957, today Ihsan Sports is amongst the larger exporters of Hockey Gear, Cricket Gear, Sports balls and Sports Wear in Pakistan.

It has been fifty years since our equipment made its debut in playing fields and arenas across the sporting world. Each product is manufactured with finesse and precision to give athletes the winning edge the need.

As testament to our unyielding principals we guarantee that there is never any room for compromise. And it is a matter of pride for us that every single product manufactured at Ihsan Sports is in compliance with the strictest international quality standard and labour regulations.

Ihsan International

Ihsan Sports upgraded all their international business on name Ihsan International since july 2017 and Ihsan International will trade and export and import all Ihsan branded sports gears under name of Ihsan International. For  which Mr. Majid Khan and Mr. Gul Javed Khan are partners and handle all business related to Ihsan branded gears world wide as partners where Majid Khan will be marketing director and Mr. Gul Javed Khan handle all productions and local market.

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